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About the artist

jesse merton-richardsSince an early age, Jesse had the desire to express himself through the use of shape and form. As a child, his first creations were in the medium of wood, both in carving and lathe work, and this gave him his love of natural materials.

In his travels to Canada, he was inspired by Inuit carvings. The simplicity of the designs triggered his enthusiasm, reawakening his inherent desire to work with generic materials, and to find one which would allow his creative talents to flow freely.

On returning to England, he experimented carving in granite which proved to be interesting. He then started importing stone with a friend which gave him the opportunity of testing and working in many different materials. Jesse discovered Florentine alabaster, and this beautiful material has provided him with the opportunity to create sculpture at a higher level; the fluid translucency inspires him, allowing free expression in many exciting ways.